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    Eye Exams Comprehensive eye exams By Doctors of Optometry. Not simply a refraction, our Doctors will evaluate the entire vision system paying particular attention to any signs of glaucoma or cataracts, two leading causes of vision loss.
    The vision system is a complex one, our Doctors are trained to detect any malfunctions and apply or recommend the proper course of action. A dilation is most often necessary, so expect an average of 30 to 45 minutes in the office for this procedure. Follow-up visits, excluding vision field tests, are part ot this procedure. Keep in mind that a throrough eye exam will give you a very acurate picture of your general health state. Many disorders can be detected during an eye exam before their symptoms become apparent. It is therefore important to keep up your scheduled visits.
    Please call our office to schedule an appointment.
    Contact lens fittings In addition to a complete eye exam, a fitting involves the trial of contacts lenses to determine the most appropriate for your needs. The Doctor will take into account your lifestyle, general health of the eyes, refractive error, etc., and recommend the type that will best suit your needs. The catalog of contacts lenses is vast and ever-changing. From "RGPs"(gas permeable rigid lenses) to disposables, you and the Doctor can decide which type will be for you. An eye exam and fitting normally require a 45 minute visit. If you are a first time wearer, this procedure involves at least two visits: The initial one for the fitting, and a second one when the staff will train you how to handle, insert and remove, clean and store your contact lenses. This session normally requires 30 to 45 minutes and a separate appointment.
    Full optical lab High quality eyewear in a minimum amount of time. We use some of latest equipment to fabricate your lenses in-house. Computerized lens generators, edgers and frame scanners allow us to fill your prescription quickly and accurately. Your eyeglasses will be the end result of our staff's experience and the technology at our disposal. We can fill all your prescription needs, even the difficult ones such as very high powered lenses or rimless mountings.
Interested in Lasik? Lasik is a surgical procedure used to eliminate or minimize your dependency in eyeglasses or contact lenses. Using an excimer laser the surgeon will reshape the cornea to correct your vision. Eye Options can determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure by offering you a complimentary evaluation. Please call our offices for more information and to schedule a visit. Click on this link for more detailed information.