About Us:

Eye Options is an independently owned store established in 1987.  Here, we are committed to providing you with the best in eye care: from comprehensive eye exams and contact lens fittings to stylish eyewear and accessories, we strive to meet all your eyecare needs in one place. 

We have two amazing doctors with many years of eyecare experience between them and wonderful, knowledgeable staff dedicated to helping you with every step of the process. In addition, we have a limited in-house lab as well as a close partnership with the labs we outsource to. This allows us to maintain excellent quality while providing you with substantial savings.



Our eye exams include a computerized refraction in addition to a thorough ocular health examination that includes a retina evaluation and glaucoma testing.
We also have the technology in-office to perform Retinal Tomography as well as Visual Field evaluations.